Three Thoughts from the Mountain

The wildflowers grow small up on the Rockies. I looked up their biological names when I got home, and nearly all of them were "Dwarf" species. One alpine sunflower was even named, "Old Man of the Mountain," and isn't that perfect? The bluebells and yellow roses are just little, old Dwarves on a Lonely Mountain. … Continue reading Three Thoughts from the Mountain

Two Legs on God’s Earth

If I could find the stamina, I’d like to pick up Metaxas’s big biography and sit down with Dietrich Bonhoeffer for the rest of the summer, reading his words, his wisdom, his sermons, his German heritage, his spy work against Hitler, his imprisonment, his love story, his death. History is one of the things I … Continue reading Two Legs on God’s Earth


Service ended last Sunday and the balcony filled, hummed, then emptied as people found their classrooms. We’ve moved our ladies’ Sunday school class to the gym to leave gaps between tables— social distance. It makes things awkward, because our voices ring off the walls and ceiling and basketball backboards. But it’s good, because Mrs. Barb … Continue reading Lightdrops

Why God Does What He Does

November 10 “Why, God?” I know I’m not the only Christian who has clenched my fists and asked that question. I’m guessing the Israelites asked it too. And do you know what? God’s answer is as clear as today’s autumn sky. I’m reading across the psalms and prophets right now and noticing this repeated truth: … Continue reading Why God Does What He Does

Every Moment Can Glorify God

Every moment is holy. The sick days and lunch breaks and window washings of our lives aren’t scum on the pond of our sanctification. They’re the droplets that fill it. They’re the small, shimmering acts poured into the basin of day-to-day, Christlike sacrifice. They’re acts that matter to God because they can reflect his glory. … Continue reading Every Moment Can Glorify God

God My Rock

June 23 The Psalmist paints with powerful metaphors. He calls God a Rock. But until two weeks ago, that comparison did little to move me. Then we crossed the border and watched Colorado peaks rise from the plains. The mountains traveled with us, ridged with veins of snow. They encompassed us and astounded us and … Continue reading God My Rock