The Conservatory

The “what-are-you-doing-for-college?” question comes my way a lot, and I have trouble packaging an answer. I’ve sort of wandered the web since I graduated, taking free classes like English Comp and Public Speaking and Theology. I worked with Jonathan Rogers over at The Habit for a few weeks, whipping my writing into something more earthy … Continue reading The Conservatory

august ttmmh

"August has settled in like honey -- sticky and sweet ...Summer is fading into something more earnest." ~ Kaetlyn Ann, "A Homesteader's Diary" Walking the pond banks, barefoot Bullfrog Saturday morning lightning storm, oatmeal, and wind Escape Room Houseful Papa walking through the gate again How God can use hula hoops and Zacchaeus skits to … Continue reading august ttmmh


I listen to a news briefing as I walk Edgewood, warm winds tossing the trees. I hear there are bodies being flung from planes. I don’t remember seeing the little American flag on Rivara’s mailbox before. Old Highway 50 is hot and quiet, and there are black-eyed Susans and zinnias growing around that tin-roofed house … Continue reading Homefront