Writing can be hard.

Maybe you’re a writer yourself and have slogged through the drearies of trying to write something that’s worth something.

Maybe you’re new to writing and a little scared of the blank page, the writer’s block, or the authors who seem so much better than you.

I’m here to help!

As a published writer and coach, I’ll come alongside you to offer:

~ One-on-one coaching
~ Personalized feedback
~ Actionable steps
~ Encouragement AND instructional critique
~ All centered around the project YOU are excited to write

A novel? A short story? A blog post?

Together, we’ll spend six weeks working through your piece and sharpening your skills.

And hopefully, we’ll become friends, too.

“Bethany’s edits are always so helpful, and the time she so obviously takes on every scene and character— it makes me feel like there is someone who cares as deeply about my story and characters as I do.

~ Anna, student

“Bethany has encouraged, challenged, and stretched my daughter in ways that have had a significant impact on her excitement and motivation to continue growing as a writer.”
~ Kelly, mom