A Taste of the Feast & A Prayer for Hutchmoot

I made a list of foods over the weekend (and made myself hungry doing it): Cucumbers and crackers and cheeses and grapes and tea and butter for scones. If I couldn’t remember something, I tried to imagine Bilbo’s pantry and the Dwarves’ feast as they ravaged it. After all, Hutchmoot is a place for eating … Continue reading A Taste of the Feast & A Prayer for Hutchmoot


Service ended last Sunday and the balcony filled, hummed, then emptied as people found their classrooms. We’ve moved our ladies’ Sunday school class to the gym to leave gaps between tables— social distance. It makes things awkward, because our voices ring off the walls and ceiling and basketball backboards. But it’s good, because Mrs. Barb … Continue reading Lightdrops

Part Two: Belonging to a Person & People

For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people” (2 Cor. 6:16). As my church crawled out of quarantine, blinking in the May daylight, I had a run-in with … Continue reading Part Two: Belonging to a Person & People

10 Things I Love About My Church

Two months ago, a friend emailed me for advice on finding a solid church. I wanted to respond that I was the wrong person to ask. I’ve never “church hopped” or “church shopped.” I’ve never had to hunt down a healthy congregation. My Dad became a pastor in 2001, the year I was born. Not … Continue reading 10 Things I Love About My Church

Strange Similes and Church Unity

March 24 I was convicted last week to pray more for my church body. I forget how critical and beautiful it is “when brothers dwell in unity” (Ps. 133:1). Psalm 133 goes on to depict this unity with two similes: Anointing oil dripping down Aaron’s beard, and sweet dew on the mountains of Zion. At … Continue reading Strange Similes and Church Unity

Gardening in God’s Kingdom

February 3 I’ve had spring fever since November. I do love snow and Christmas and skating on my grandpa’s pond. But I also can’t wait for spring sunshine and planting garden seeds. A passage in 1 Corinthians reminded me last week that Christians are called to tend a garden year-round. A spiritual garden. Like the … Continue reading Gardening in God’s Kingdom