IMPORTANT: Life Updates, Mary’s Example, and a Blog Announcement


Last Saturday, my sister walked down the aisle and married an amazing guy named Drew! I’m thrilled to welcome a new brother into our clan, but understandably sad to see Leanna move out of our home. (Thankfully, she’s still in town. We made sure of that!)

Life is busy right now. I wouldn’t trade any of it for boredom, but God is teaching me to adjust my priorities according to his Word. Like Mary, I want to bask in humility at his feet before I dive into his work— like Martha.

Reading through John’s gospel, I’m struck by how often Mary is found at Christ’s feet, spilling her emotions and perfume and reputation. What Martha and Judas saw as wastes of time and money, Jesus welcomed as fragrant sacrifices of praise.

What about you?

Do you find it hard to sit and listen and pour out your worship to Jesus before each busy day? Let’s ask God to arrest us with Mary’s humble example.


July has been fast-paced and thrilling and full of change. So I thought I’d add to it with a big blog announcement!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And it’s something I can’t launch without your help.

I’m starting an email newsletter!

From now on, my blog posts, life happenings, and writer randomness will be sent to your inbox! Instead of simply receiving a blog post (via WordPress), you’ll be sent a weekly email that will include:

·         Links to my latest articles

·         Updates from my writing desk

·         Updates from my life

·         Tidbits of what God is teaching me

·         + More!

That’s not all.

Sign up for my newsletter and you get access to an exclusive playlist. I’ve compiled 50+ songs for any Christian teen or twentysomething (or older) striving to live for Christ. It’s not your typical worship playlist. These songs have been carefully chosen as rich, deep meditations for the serious Christ-follower.

Click here to sign up for my newsletter and access the LiveForChrist Playlist on Spotify! 

I have disabled automated WordPress emails, so if you choose not to join my email list, you will no longer receive my latest posts. Sign up here so you don’t miss out!

I seriously can’t wait to email you, friend!

Bethany J. 

4 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Life Updates, Mary’s Example, and a Blog Announcement

  1. YAY!!! Congratulations to the Melton family! You’ll have to send me photos! Also, I’ll definitely sign up for your email list! 🙂


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