Read the Bible Like a Book


July 21

I’ve been reading lots of books this summer—good books, exciting books, deep books, helpful books. But there’s one I keep coming back to. It’s an incredibly good and vastly deep story.

It’s the Bible.

God’s Word isn’t usually on my “to be read” list. It’s not on my Goodreads shelves or even on my bedroom bookshelf. Because often, I forget the Bible is a book. I forget it’s a powerful story with a gripping opener, complex characters, thrilling scenes, and a glorious ending.

I don’t want to miss out on the Bible’s wholeness by being selective. Picking and choosing and tweaking Scriptures for relevancy’s sake is unhealthy. I want to read God’s Word like any other best-selling volume. I want to read it like the glorious story it is– from Chronicles to Colossians; from Shem to Shadrach; from Genesis to the maps at the end.

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