Kings and Priests and Psalm 2 (+ Blog News)


July 7

My read-through-the-Bible plan strings Scriptures together in eye-opening ways.

On the morning I finished 2 Kings, I read about Paul’s troubles with the Jerusalem Sanhedrin (Acts 23). In one testament kings rebelled, battled, and laid siege to the next nation. A millennium later, Paul wrestled Jerusalem’s priests in a dispute over his message. The Sanhedrin conspired together, plotting to murder him. God rescued Paul by the hands of his nephew.

It was an intense morning. Psalm 2 capped it off in a startling way:

Why do the nations rage

and the peoples plot in vain?

The kings of the earth take their stand,

and the rulers conspire together

against the LORD and his Anointed One…

the one enthroned in heaven laughs;

the LORD ridicules them.

Then he speaks in his anger

and terrifies them in his wrath:

“I have installed my King

in Zion, my holy mountain.”

-Psalm 2:1-6

All Scripture is breathed by God and every king, ruler, people, and nation rests in his grip. God Almighty alone is the King we should fear.

In Him,

Bethany J.

P.S. My sister is getting married this Saturday (!!) so I’ll be posting an article next week (July 18) instead of this Thursday (July 11). I can’t wait to share about my latest project– something pretty big! 

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