october ttmmh

“For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true)…”

~ Ephesians 5:8-9

Tchaikovsky’s 4th in F minor at Powell Symphony Hall

Velvet seats, red carpets, wide stairways, ceilings carved with gold scrolls, shells, and feathers

“DANCE” by Anna Clyne

New dress and white hair ribbon

Branson with Brian and Taylor and all four kids

Loft bedroom, top bunk, movie night with Elsie

Lake path and leaves

Steamy pavement, skillet smells, and bluegrass

Winging around in a teacup, Elsie screaming and Bennett’s eyes big

Coasters in the rain and darkness

Potters and painters and basket weavers at work, watching their hands

Carrying Elanor against my chest

Long, clouded drive; journaling and dozing

Floured countertops

Baking blueberry scones for Hutchmoot Homebound

Friends, sandwiches, nuts, chips, cookies, and tea

Conversations that have layers

Artistry I could never attain (and being thankful for that)


Walking toward the sunset, stopping at Krinning’s gate, light on our faces

Harsh winds on Monday



Mere Christianity (again)

Walk in the spitting rain before roast beef for supper

Sweater and Blundstones

A field of grass, people on blankets by fires, waiting for the lights

Reading and playing cards in the sun with Janaya and Alli

Geese flying under the moon

Food truck dinner

Lighting our lanterns after dark, wrestling them, sending them to be caught by the wind and pulled into a galaxy of yellow stars in the eastern sky

The lanterns that failed and sent people ducking and chasing after them

Moss on trees

Spikeball under the floodlight

Mrs. Betty asking me to grocery shop for her

Mr. Fritz putting his WWII vet hat on Barrett’s head

How Andrew Peterson always makes me long for the Light

Christopher Robin

Making kale soup from Papa Larry’s recipe, and the stories of Cape Cod piers that came with it

Bennett helping me bake muffins for the annual neighborhood meeting

Driving to the hill after dark to try to see the Northern Lights

October on Edgewood — mist, color, cold, shoes squeaking on wet pavement

3 thoughts on “october ttmmh

  1. There is so much abundant beauty in this world, but that’s easy to forget. Thank you for documenting what you’ve seen and felt.

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