october ttmmh

“Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what a comfort that is.” – Louisa May Alcott


Garage sale-ing with Janaya and Leanna

Autumn touching the hills

Hiking the Ozark Trail as a family

Far-flung view and sitting Indian style on a rock, breathing it up

A pool of water deep in the forest, mirroring light

The boys climbing and spelunking and shimmying down a tree


Hutchmoot: Homebound

The pattern of sacred in the profane– eternity in the ordinary

Shige Clark’s poem, “Grateful”


Watering and harvesting autumn lettuce


Hot blueberry tea under the stars, the whole family on blankets and reciting homespun poetry (some better than others)

Violining to “How He Loves”

Chili by an open window on a damp, cold Sunday afternoon

Becca’s dairy free pumpkin bread (and how she always takes the inconvenient path of thoughtfulness)

A text from Dad, saying how much he loved my blog post

Trent’s stunning paint job of the fireplace

My Terra 45 North Face pack that Drew and Leanna found at a resale shop in Colorado

Gear piled against the wall, ready for Joel’s and my first backpacking trip

Arcadia Valley

Our favorite site not taken

Joel foraging and hatcheting

Canned soup over the fire

Reading “A Liturgy for Those Who Sleep in Tents” as dark deepened

Night woods

Sounds filling my sleep– the brook and an owl and far-off coyotes

Reading Psalm 110 on a rock above the stream

Socks and Chacos

Calling Dad and Mom

Day hike, starting early

Mina Sauk Falls

Hills blanketed with my favorite muted orange

Kind hikers

The CC trailhead (at long last!)

Keyhole view of blue hills




Home again, lit with candles and smelling of brownies

7 thoughts on “october ttmmh

  1. Oh my, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I hope you share some photos on Instagram or you can even text me some😍

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  2. It sounds like you had a lovely October! I absolutely adore this time of year. Seeing all the change reminds me of how God has a purpose for everything. The beauty of fall is amazing to look at. Things that made me happy: Hiking with my family, having time for photography, getting accepted into the National Honor Society, becoming secretary of Student Council, blog post writing, listening to hymns along with Jonathan Park (Christian audio drama), browsing in Target with my Mom and Sister, and reflecting on the year. I cannot believe that the year is almost over and another one will be starting very soon. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has instore next. ❤

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  3. I love your monthly ttmmh! They have inspired me to share more of the smaller joys of life on my monthly posts. God has blessed us with so much beauty in the every day.

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  4. “Violining to How He Loves”

    I love this, and recommend violining as much and as often as possible. Typing that word makes me smile, though, because my index and middle fingers don’t know when to stop typing and I end up with violininining.

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