Hutchmoot 2020 (What, When, and Why)

October 4

There’s a collective of painters and poets and woodworkers and songwriters that make up a very special corner of the Internet called The Rabbit Room. And maybe more than any other website, this one has made me look up.

God has used The Rabbit Room to fiercen my love for King Jesus and make me ache for his return.

Well, this weekend marks the very first year I get to take part in a (modified) Rabbit Room meet-up— or rather, a moot.


It’s a gathering, a conference, a powow, a shebang that’s been happening in Nashville since 2010. But this year– in what we all know are “uncertain times”– it’s happening online.

Hurrah! (For me, anyway.)

This year’s moot will feature speakers like Andrew Peterson, Russell Moore, Trillia Newbell, and Jonathan Rogers– along with music performances by Propaganda, Mission House, John Mark McMillan, and more.

When? This Friday through Sunday: October 9-11. (Full schedule here.) But recordings of the sessions will be available until the end of October.

How much? It’s $20 for a ticket (your whole family only needs one). I’ve got a good hunch it will be worth it.

Why? You don’t have to be an artist or poet to glean something from these people. God created us to create– every one of us. The Rabbit Room is a shining example of humble image-bearers glorifying their Maker.

Register or find out more here.

2 thoughts on “Hutchmoot 2020 (What, When, and Why)

  1. I hope I’ll get to “see” you there a bit! Although I’m sad it’s not in person, it makes it accessible to me for the first time ever. Someday I’ll be there in person… but until then, this is amazing. 😉

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