Blurry Eyes, Blurry Heart

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July 8


Two mornings ago I opened my Bible to see the words of Ezekiel swimming on a blurry page.

Not again.

I rubbed fists over my tired eyes to clear up the page only a little. Frustrated that I had set my alarm, scooted out of bed, and poured coffee only to open my Bible to a haze, I prayed.

“Lord, clear up my eyes please. I want to be able to see your Word today.” I paused, letting a realization sink in, then added, “Do the same for my heart.”

Like the blind man Jesus uniquely healed in Mark 8, my eyes returned to Ezekiel chapter 6 to see clear print marching across the pages. I smiled inwardly and wondered.

How often have I peeled back the cover of Scripture with a bleary-eyed heart? Words swim and meaning evades me because they are only that: words with no purpose.

I hadn’t thought twice about asking the Lord to clear my eyesight when I should be asking him every morning to peel off blinders and blurriness that hinder my heart from seeing.

Maybe it won’t be immediate. Maybe, at first, I’ll only see “people, but they look like trees walking” (Mk. 8:24). But that’s okay. It simply reminds me I need Jesus to rest his fingers against my heart’s eyes and restore clear vision. Just like he did for my tired, hazy eyeballs on Friday morning.

Thanks for reading, friends.

Your sister,

Bethany J.

5 thoughts on “Blurry Eyes, Blurry Heart

  1. Love this post about blurry vision. I have meditated on this a lot the past 2 months. I LOVE how you put it about needing Jesus to rest His fingers on our heart’s blurry eyes.

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