Hope for the Gentile (Like Me)

August 4 I tend to take my salvation for granted. And when I do stop to thank Jesus for his profound love and sacrifice, I still underestimate the gospel. How? By forgetting I’m a Gentile. I shouldn’t belong in Jesus’s family. I shouldn’t have access into this incredible mystery of divine grace. But I do. … Continue reading Hope for the Gentile (Like Me)

My Favorite Teacher

May 12 I did school differently than most people. I brainstormed algebra problems in my basement and spent lunch breaks in my backyard. I was homeschooled, which means the job of teaching me fell almost completely on Mom’s shoulders. In two weeks I’ll wrap up high school and graduate. Looking back over my 13 years … Continue reading My Favorite Teacher

A Song for Contentment

December 2 As I’ve thought more about contentment lately, especially with Christmas approaching, a song came to mind. It’s called Simple Living (A Rich Young Man) by Keith and Kristyn Getty. The song narrates two instances where Jesus addresses wealthy men and the worthlessness of riches. My favorite verse is the third one, which poetically … Continue reading A Song for Contentment