On Gardening and Belonging

May 3 I want to be a gardener—to know my botanical names, to identify seeds, to plant them so they grow the best possible fruit. Someday, I want to be that little old lady who wears sunhats and keeps seeds in her sweater pockets. But I’m a beginner. If gardening is an art (which I … Continue reading On Gardening and Belonging

Look Back Before You Look Ahead: 6 Lessons from 2019

Something stopped me from full-throttle resolution-writing this week. I realized the last 365 days have been some of the most pivotal in my life. I don’t want to leap into a new year—much less the next ten—without stopping, looking over my shoulder, and saying, “God, you’ve done lovely, mighty things.” Before we speed into January … Continue reading Look Back Before You Look Ahead: 6 Lessons from 2019

In the Morning, When I Rise

They say the songs of your childhood never really let you go— that music has a seizing, shaping power. It must be true because my Southern Baptist pastor dad still thumps the steering wheel to Journey and James Taylor. Now I’m crossing that threshold between childhood and life beyond. I’m eighteen and watching just how … Continue reading In the Morning, When I Rise

10 Things I Love About My Church

Two months ago, a friend emailed me for advice on finding a solid church. I wanted to respond that I was the wrong person to ask. I’ve never “church hopped” or “church shopped.” I’ve never had to hunt down a healthy congregation. My Dad became a pastor in 2001, the year I was born. Not … Continue reading 10 Things I Love About My Church

IMPORTANT: Life Updates, Mary’s Example, and a Blog Announcement

Last Saturday, my sister walked down the aisle and married an amazing guy named Drew! I’m thrilled to welcome a new brother into our clan, but understandably sad to see Leanna move out of our home. (Thankfully, she’s still in town. We made sure of that!) Life is busy right now. I wouldn’t trade any … Continue reading IMPORTANT: Life Updates, Mary’s Example, and a Blog Announcement

God My Rock

June 23 The Psalmist paints with powerful metaphors. He calls God a Rock. But until two weeks ago, that comparison did little to move me. Then we crossed the border and watched Colorado peaks rise from the plains. The mountains traveled with us, ridged with veins of snow. They encompassed us and astounded us and … Continue reading God My Rock

5 Things I Enjoyed Last Week

January 20 Today I’m sharing five fun things that brightened my week last week: SunButter Cups My friend Gia sweetly shares these chocolates with me from time-to-time. They’re like Reese’s peanut butter cups, but the chocolate is dark and the inside filled with ground sunflower seeds. AmbientMixer.com I’ve been using this super cool site as … Continue reading 5 Things I Enjoyed Last Week

Habits to Cultivate in 2019

January 6 Happy new year, friends! It feels like months since I last posted, and I’m thrilled to be back at blogging. As I study my calendar and dig school books back out, I’m transitioning from holiday to work mode. It’s good to be back on schedule, especially since my life is shifting this month … Continue reading Habits to Cultivate in 2019