Read the Bible Like a Book

July 21 I’ve been reading lots of books this summer—good books, exciting books, deep books, helpful books. But there’s one I keep coming back to. It’s an incredibly good and vastly deep story. It’s the Bible. God’s Word isn’t usually on my “to be read” list. It’s not on my Goodreads shelves or even on … Continue reading Read the Bible Like a Book

3 Books Challenging, Inspiring, and Exciting Me

March 10 Here are three fantastic books that are challenging, inspiring, and exciting me right now: Radical by David Platt A craver of comfort and stuff, I need this book. It’s a bold reminder that the “American dream” of success and luxury shouldn’t be what Christ-followers chase. Radical is challenging me to take action as a … Continue reading 3 Books Challenging, Inspiring, and Exciting Me

Every Moment is Holy

January 13 Winter mornings are dark when I wake up. I’m usually half finished with my quiet time before the sunrise warms the horizon. I love the early hours. I love the stillness and freshness dawn brings. These first moments of a new day are holy. Every moment is, really. Whether I’m reading Scripture or … Continue reading Every Moment is Holy

3 Books I’m Reading This December

December 9 It’s hard to find time to read in December. My Christmas to-do lists are long and sitting down to open a book isn’t a priority. But in between online shopping and music rehearsals, I’m enjoying a few rich books this month. Here are three: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. … Continue reading 3 Books I’m Reading This December