We Were Created to Create

I know some ultra-creative people. My friend Ashley can paint stunning landscapes. Gia can craft imaginative stories. Natalie can sketch heart-warming portraits. And that’s only a glimpse. The world is oozing with creativity. Painters, poets, potters and pianists have embellished life since its beginning. They’ve blended colors and forged rhymes and morphed melodies into beauty. … Continue reading We Were Created to Create

3 Things I’ve Learned from Spending Time in Nature

I’m passionate about being outdoors, but it hasn’t always been that way. My enjoyment of nature once stopped at planting tomatoes and camping in the backyard. I walked through God’s creation with my eyes closed, and I missed out. But things changed when I slowed my pace. I braced the cold to watch the sunrise. … Continue reading 3 Things I’ve Learned from Spending Time in Nature