Honey, Waffles, & Ducklings

“A blackbird, singing undisturbed on the outskirts of the wood, showed that there was nothing alarming there, and in the other direction, along the brook, all was plain to be seen, empty and quiet. The warren was at peace.”

~ Richard Adams, Watership Down

Good things in March:

Spring robin on the front stoop

Reading my Bible in the sunlight on my twenty-second birthday

Waffles and blackberries

A walk through the woods with three nieces and two nephews; skipping stones on the river

Tacking up a cover over the greenhouse (and learning how to hammer a nail)

The little house Trent built for new ducks

Saturday morning walk with a good friend

Vanilla chamomile tea with raw honey

The bee mug

Watership Down by Richard Adams — wild, earthy, and warm

Bringing home ducklings and playing with them on the kitchen floor

Making sourdough waffles for the family

Coffee and cream the color of muddied rain

Daylight savings bringing light into the kitchen after dinner

Savoring the early hours of the morning after it took three days for my body to adjust

Buttoning up the greenhouse, digging out pots, and tidying everything for planting season

Splitting wood at dusk (at least, trying to)

Full-court basketball

The new coffeehouse that is becoming a familiar place for good conversations with good friends

Smell of chopped wood on my hands

Sovereign grace in the book of Jonah

Prayer meeting

White buds on the pear tree

Another edition of The Great Niece & Nephew Sleepover

Waking to Elsie asleep beside me, curled up in her nightgown like a bunny in a burrow

A whole day for the kids — playing vet clinic, songs and games in the car, Chick-Fil-A, baby ducks, and baking cookies

Reading to the boys on the floor of the train depot, waiting for Joel’s train to come, and waving him off at the railing

All the books scattered across my desk when I study the Bible

Planting and potting on a rainy day in the greenhouse

Baby kale

True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer

March rain though the night and all next day, brimming pond banks, a fire, and a sketchbook

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