Baked Bread & Sun

“Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what a comfort it is.”

~ Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Things that made me happy in February:

Monday snow day for prepping sourdough and making homemade granola, the boys home from work and playing chess in front of the fire

Strawberry sourdough toast

Afternoon writing at the coffeeshop

Sunlight on the floorboards of the bookstore in town

Irish wool sweater

Mopping the kitchen floor to The Arcadian Wild

Seeds in the mail

Earl gray in the afternoon

Grocery shopping at the new Aldi and its big vegetable section

Steady Wednesday rain, and staying an hour at Papa and Mema’s; Papa in his rocker, telling stories from Korea

Muddy Blundstone boots

Nerf gun war with the little kids at church

A windless day for shooting my bow

A murder mystery dinner with the best of hilarious friends

Full room on Sunday morning

Afternoon tackle football with the little guys; burgers, sweet potato fries, and a tight Super Bowl game

Baked bread and rain

God’s Word, living and active inside me

Monday sun, planting seeds, measuring, garden plotting, and rubber boots

Elanor in overalls

Carnations and tulips and peonies

Huddling around the kitchen table in Papa and Mema’s kitchen, celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary with pork chops and green beans and fresh bread

Mema’s shoeboxes of photos

Buying dirt and seed potatoes

Reading on the front porch

Morning squares of light

Ashley taking me on a tour of her new home, and the character written into the old floors and big windows

A fresh storm wind blowing through the screen, rustling the parchment paper on the counter

The kids reciting their morning catechisms

Sunlight flooding church foyer on Wednesday afternoon; reading and squinting in it

Delivering a meal

Playing chess with Ashley on her wedding morning

The church coming alive with wedding excitement, everyone pitching in to set up tables, ice cupcakes, curl hair, and the kitchen crew who came first thing in the morning to work over the steaming stoves

Ashley’s smile as she came down the aisle, and Mike’s joy— a foretaste of great love beyond measure

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