Windy Walks & Chai

“May the wind that blows the hardest bring you home.”

~ Jon Foreman, “The Gift”

Sickle moon

Corduroy pants and feet in the sun

Day at the pumpkin farm with the kids and the farmer who drove us out to the field, used his clippers on the pumpkins, and said, “I could stay out here all day.”

Writing at my desk after dark, one candlestick burning, listening to “Jo Writes”

A quiet trail

Passing a little blue house with a fall wreath and white fence and old Ford parked out front

Letters from the Mountain by Ben Palpant— a benedection of a book

Studying the book of Joshua, and how the God who wins wars is also the God who gives rest and a homeland to his people

Reading an Alaskan novel on the darker nights

Long afternoon runs

Night singing, dancing, and tussling in the grass with the kids; telling them the story of the Man in the Moon

Lunch with Esther, a friend from when I was little

Backyard movie, “Mary Poppins Returns,” bundled blankets, pumpkin muffins, and the projector screen that kept blowing over

Walking right into the wind

Less coffee, more chai tea

A ragtime concert at the college theater with Papa Larry

Leaf hunting

Sunday afternoon hike with Ashley, and mountain biking with the boys

A stray goat in the road

The kind of weariness you get from cold air and exercise

A hundred Canadian geese arcing their way southward under a blustery sky

“Dear Autumn” by Arbour Season

Taum Sauk Mountain and the Ozark Trail, which is the prettiest place in Missouri I know

Setting up camp and hiking till the golden light fell through the pines

Hickory nuts, canned soup, and tea

Leaning my head on a log and looking at the stars long after dark; reading aloud by headlamp till Trent fell asleep

Drive home with snacks and good, soft music

Mom cleaning the oven and cooking a turkey, and rain and wind that blew all day

Mrs. Chris delivering a “get well” note and box of Danish

Moving day at the house on Sunset Hill

Returning to the Puritans’ prayers on these cold, yellow mornings, and remembering my little place in the hand of a holy God

Kyrie eleison

3 thoughts on “Windy Walks & Chai

  1. Love the little ding…that says…Bethany has blogged…tis a gift to see, hear, touch,and taste the beauty of the Lord…❤

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  2. And blowing home from a windswept walk to a mug of tea and your blog, waiting like a friend who’s dropped by on a Sunday afternoon 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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