Marigolds & Leaf Boats

“We do not have to become extraordinary to be joyous.”

~ Bethany Rose, Farm, Heart, Pen Newsletter

These are the things that made me joyous in September:

September marigolds

A sweltering Monday, when the kids played hide and seek in the basement and we ate spaghetti under a storm warning

Tree Climbing Lessons with Huddy and Bennett; the three of us in the branches just in time to watch the sunset

Making leaf boats and sailing them onto the pond

Labor Day watermelon and chalk drawings and grassy feet

Circling hawks

Planting a fall box of lettuce, building a fence

Morning run, and the first yellow leaf spiraling down

Trip to the city at dark, the sun blazing over the Interstate, golden raindrops clinging to the glass, and headlights stretching like a string of pearls to the skyline

Eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, “Tout a Fait” in the background

Muffins, coffee, and strategy games at Ashley’s

Night workout and run with Janaya under the moon

Sunday morning rain; all the girls at church in sweaters

Folks at church stopping to tell me they’ve read my blog, and how that’s more bolstering than a thousand likes or shares

September baseball on a breezy evening, watching Albert and Yadi play together for one of the last times

The corner of the sanctuary that’s goldened by the sun, where I tuck myself on Wednesday afternoons

My students in the Inklings Writing Coaching group, who make me want to write

A visit from Aunt Andi — shopping resale, walking the neighborhood, and drinking coffee at the long table, listening to stories from Alaska; the way she uses the word “wonderful” the way Papa Larry does

Houseful: kids in the driveway, around the fireplace, and having tea parties on the rug

Walking the Farmer’s Markert, then up the steps of St. Francis Borgia just to gape at the big doors and bell tower

Janaya and I digging out our old baseball cards at lunch one day, reminiscing about players like Derek Jeter

Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions — “I frequently hear persons in old age say how they would live, if they were to live their lives over again: Resolved, that I will live just so as I can think I shall wish I had done, supposing I live to old age.”

For the first time since April, cold fingers

“Nothing’s Right Side Up” by Drew Miller

Weekend retreat; hearing Nancy Guthrie teach about the King and his kingdom, and how the people at Fellowship have become good friends

First bonfire of the season, Dad telling the kids stories, and a comet slicing through the stars

5 thoughts on “Marigolds & Leaf Boats

  1. Loved this blog. Brings back my recent memories as well. Realizing I have missed some opportunities and enjoyed similar. The thought of resolve in past lives lived and what would you do differently is interesting. You can’t possibly know what you don’t know untill you have known it…. Most of us learn by our mistakes. If it weren’t for the Grace of God we would have difficulty untangling some if those mistakes. Life is such…Seeing God in it all brings the Joy that sustains…

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  2. lovely ❤

    your writing always fills me with the urge to pause and soak in every breath of life with gratitude and thoughtfulness. thank you.


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