A Table in 1940

You’re a writer, and suddenly, it’s 1940 again, and the streets are dark because the blackout curtains are pulled tight. But behind them, there’s a lamp in the window of a second-story university room, where Jack Lewis and his brother brew tea and smoke. The bell of Christ’s Church tolls nine as they wait for the others to knock and join them, and can you believe it?

You’re invited.

. . .

They say history repeats itself, and this fall, I’m doing my best to rebuild a table like the one Lewis, Tolkien, and their friends gathered around from 1930 to the late forties. As a group of writers, we’ll spend the semester doing 1940’s work in 2022’s style (which, of course, means using Zoom).

I’d like you to join us, because I’d like to hear your ideas and read your stories. Together, we’ll spend sixteen weeks:

  • Reading each other’s work
  • Receiving personalized feedback and encouragement
  • Learning how to critique AND receive critique effectively
  • And likely drinking lots of tea in the process

“There’s a special sense of camaraderie here that exists in other writing spaces, but is simply deeper here. We are truly out to help each other grow in our writing.” ~ Anna, Inklings student

Writing can be lonely work, and camaraderie seems to be dying in our world splintered by Internet wars. You don’t often see a few good friends around a table, asking good questions like, “What are you writing?” and “How can I make my own work better?”

This is all to say that I’ve saved a seat for you, dear writer— a seat in 1940.

You can learn more and register for the Fall Semester at InklingsWritingCoaching.

Photo: https://literaryocean.com/discuss-about-inklings-literary-discussion-group/

Inklings information found in Humphrey Carpenter’s biography: The Inklings: C.S Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Their Friends

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