Girl on the Train

I came down the drive tonight

just before the rainstorm

and the lamp was on

and the fan moving thick air through the front room

and you weren’t home.

You’d taken the train to the sea

then a steamship across

and were walking Berlin in 1943

and the bikes were ringing under the bombers

(and I was jealous).

You’d been whisked up into the war

but there was hope, too

and love letters to a prisoner

and a thin string of light under the iron door

and it was like the lamp tonight

Well, I had to step inside

so that you looked up

and I realized I’d broken the spell

and the sparking halt had thrown you off the train

and then the rain started up.

3 thoughts on “Girl on the Train

  1. oh my. bethany, this is so good. the way you captured the warmth of the moment and the feelings of being enraptured in another world and being recalled to reality… it took my breath away.

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