may ttmmh

“I promise that I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt to… a land flowing with milk and honey.”

~ Exodus 3:17

A Saturday for the kids — on the floor, in highchairs, playing in the rock bed, eating brownies and reading Beatrix Potter stories on the back patio

Playing violin barefoot in a country church that looked out over cows on a yellow hillside

Sleeping late

“Different Sports Players, When They’re At Home” YouTube video

Lowe’s Garden Department

Blackberry Winter— potatoes growing in the garden and cold fingers in the dirt

Long morning drive to Becca’s, cows and low clouds in the green valleys

Baking lemon macaroons and cupcakes with the pals, Willa’s kitchen, and fresh chicken eggs in a little basket

Picking a fern and violet bouquet along the creekbed

Saturday morning garage sales and Farmer’s Market, finding books and bell pepper plants (and how the different produce vendors knew each other and which plants they did or didn’t have)

Picnic at the river, which had flooded its banks and left driftwood in the parking lot

Tabletops of flowers at Andy’s produce stand

Planting Papa Jay’s tomatoes on a Tuesday morning before the heat, then helping Trent tug the fountain out to the middle of the pond in the old johnboat

Photography class in the Whitmire Wildflower Garden with a few friendly folks; capturing a bee on a daisy for the first time, and learning how photography is just a matter of waiting for the light– looking for the light

Mulching the garden in the quiet of the evening under thunderclouds

Summer smells of manure and cut grass and steamy pavement

Amanda’s homemade salsa

Living room line dancing

Blood moon

Praying on the sanctuary floor with my sisters, stripes of sunlight falling through the blinds across our arms, understanding that Yahweh God was there

Rainstorm and power outage and tacos by candlelight

A day for bouldering and wearying our muscles and eating Thai noodles and walking around REI and making a groovy playlist for the van ride home

Picking strawberries in a patch on a hill

Morning workout, then a drive into the city, drinking tea and watching Bear sleep in his carseat

Petting stingrays at the aquarium

Dad watching the sky on a Thursday morning, his face glowing with it

My Cape Cod sweatshirt and baggy jeans on a rainy day

Biking the Katy Trail past old storefronts and farm fields— seeing places as they were when the trail was a railroad across Missouri

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