march ttmmh

No matter what changes take place in the world, or in me, nothing ever seems to disturb the face of spring.”

~ Essays of E.B. White

Bookstores and kombucha on my twenty-first birthday

Seventy degrees on March 1, driving home barefoot

Friends who birthday-surprised me with tea and brunch and a book-themed escape room and a lot of love

A drawing of Frog and Toad from Quinn

Hide and seek with the kids in Papa Larry’s front garden

Sunday evening tea, rain, and choral concert, and a Father Gilbert mystery in the car

Morning and lunch with Marilee in her log home in the woods— earl gray, tortellini soup, a fire in the woodstove, and a tour of all the little rooms with their paintings and antiques she’s collected or handmade

Mr. Bill’s greenhouse, bursting with lettuces and chard, and snipping kale to take home for soup

God, my refuge

Visiting with Mema in Papa’s rocker, a roast in the oven

Riverdance at the Fox Theater — the ornate lobby and carpeted stairwells and a thunderous two hours of Irish dance, flutes, pipes, and fiddle

Plaid, pleated skirt and new shoes

Saturday afternoon climb; squares of sunlight on the floor of the rock gym

Late dinner at China King with Joel, Natalie, and Janaya, and the kid behind the counter with the Timberland shirt who gave us his employee discount

Sitting on the hill outside church after Sunday service, sun and wind

Buttons and Bobber

Rope swing with Little Bear’s arms around me

Watching the 2005 Pride & Prejudice (and annotating it for the family)

Subaru windows down, “Range Rover,” dogs in the trunk and my hair in my mouth

Sunday afternoon group hike — climbing on rocks, watching a train, crawling inside a hollow tree, and shimmying up a limb over the water

Night rain and wind in the curtains

“Courage in the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren

Spring greening the earth again— so slow and yet always so surprising

March 22nd – the windiest day

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