7 thoughts on “For Little Bear

      1. it’s simple and peaceful, paints a vivid image, and makes me reflect and think about life. and i think you did that very well. 🙂

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  1. Love the simplicity of this poem. I’m accustomed to reding your short stories. This poem made me stop and say…what ? Where is the rest?…..ahhhh again I read and notice….there is wisdom between the lines. This day is my 73rd Birthday…spent cleaning a 5,555.squ ft home in Frontenac. We came home to new carpet in our bedroom and a living room full of bedroom. My mind was wondering…just what is a Birthday supposed to be like ? No more…Trees ubove us…❤

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  2. Hmm love this. We often get caught up in the madness of life and forget the smiles of a child or the tears of a widow. The trees that shimmer in the sunlight growing without a worry of tomorrow. Just
    Existing for his glory. Thank you needed that reminder today.

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