february ttmmh

“I’m sitting here in February
and asking you to please tell me again
why all the poems are about spring.”

~ E.M.H.

Morning skate, then oatmeal

Winter storm on Wednesday, when the boys stayed home from work and Leanna, Barrett, and Papa Larry spent the night, and we ate pot pie and watched it swirl down off the eaves

Leafing through big family scrapbooks after dark

Another batch of sourdough, teaching it to mom

Kneeling in the snow by the wood’s edge at dark; wind making the treetops clack together; stillness; and all the yellow light pouring from the neighbors’ windows

Pond hockey until the sun set

A Sunday morning when I was so encouraged by my sisters in Christ

Nancy Guthrie’s teaching and beautiful, intertwined ways of illuminating Scripure as the Story it is

New theology books

Psalm 90 (Satisfy Us With Your Love) by Shane and Shane

Planting seeds for winter lettuce in the sun

Phone conversation with Bethany Rose— farming, goats, Little Women, winter, and where theology meets the real world we live in

Afternoon jaunt to Shaw Nature Reserve with Papa Larry along

Jogging around a frozen Pinetum Lake

Winter Olympics

Running my hand across all the bolts of fabric in the store and picking out a tartan print for a winter skirt

Hours of volleyball and our tired team ride home

Daylight soaring in under the cracks of the sanctuary doors

Two-on-two basketball with a few boys in the church gym

Another Discipleship Now weekend, playing music as a family, and especially when the power went out on verse three of “In Christ Alone” and the students only sang louder: “No guilt in life, no fear in death”

Violining, always

The kind people at Fellowship who have become friends

Stealing in snippets of conversation with Hannah during meals and in line for go karts

Red sun rising behind the cemetery on the hill

Dinner with Papa and Mema and Natalie, and Mrs. Kathy dropping by afterward with a box of cereals from Schnuck’s

John 16 and 17, and the great love with which Jesus loves us— so much so that he extends himself to us

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