january ttmmh

“He gives snow like wool;

he scatters frost like ashes.

He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs;

who can stand before his cold?

He sends out his word, and melts them;

he makes his wind blow and the waters flow.”

~ Psalm 147:16-18

New Year’s Day at Papa and Mema’s— Wahoo on the floor and a fire in the gas stove

Breathing hard into January winds

The little box Anna gave me for Christmas, filled with handwritten notes of writing encouragement that I draw out each morning

Reflection of a candle in the cold glass

A ham panini and coffee in the sun at Glady Fayes, running into Stephanie again

This conversation on writing (and writing spaces) with Lore Wilbert

Janaya sharing about the way she reads the Bible: “I’m just enjoying the stories.”

Bear turning one, eating so much food and laughing at everyone

Watching the trashman do his work before dawn, out in the cold, and men like him who rise early and work

Watering houseplants for Larry and Betty, filling a can at their kitchen sink, watching chickadees on the feeder outside their old Tudor home, with tea sets on carts, plant paintings, and long, latticed windows

Launching my business and the way the wonderful Author Conservatory has me working toward my goals

Eleven of us at Steinburg Rink, skating, racing, sliding, falling, and helping each other up and along

Sun across the ice

Quiet van ride home and the good kind of weariness

Sweeping our first volleyball set

Driving Papa Jay to his appointment and learning things about his mom and her fortitude— which must be where he gets it

Coffee and a book in the car

A murder mystery dinner— getting to wear wool pants and hold a pipe in my mouth and drink tea and solve a case with a few of my favorite people

Night rain that turned to snow

Heavy boughs drooping over the path around the pond

Walking slowly to the end of Edgewood, then through the trees to the corner of that field, all gray with snow, listening to “if i were a girl in a book” playlist

Cold face and fingers

Pouring wax to make a candle

Rifling through free books on the balcony with Kathy and Marilee before Sunday school; coming home with a stack

Slicing potatoes on a wooden cutting board

Walking to borrow Papa’s car and go teach Anna, sipping hot tea and carrying my satchel up the hill

Chicken noodle soup and a candle

A Sabbath afternoon of working and stretching bread dough and reading the Psalms while letting it rise on the oven door

Season 2 of “All Creatures Great and Small”

The way Dad and Mom make sure to read my Sketch each Sunday and add a loving comment or two

Big, dense sourdough loaves smeared with elderberry honey

Breakfast with Molly

A Saturday for pancakes, pond skating, one-on-one hockey with Janaya, and repairing the greenhouse

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