Magi, Martyrs, and Messengers

By Rachel S. Donahue

We once traveled by night
in a country far away
where the lights of men were few and far between.
In the midst of that great darkness,
a tiny spot of light
blinked hope for miles, could easily be seen.

When wrapped in a cloak of darkness,
small lights shine brighter still,
their brilliance heightened by the lack of day.
How fearful is this darkness,
how beautiful these lights,
how great our expectation of the coming of the Way.

Rachel S. Donahue holds a B.A. in English and Bible from Welch College in Nashville, TN, and writes poetry in the snatches of quiet between homeschooling her three sprightly boys and sweet-as-pie little girl. She and her husband, Mick, previously worked in Spain serving people groups at risk of marginalization, but now live near Charlotte, North Carolina, where they’re both involved in the family greenhouse business. Rachel is also co-founder of Bandersnatch Books–a publisher of treasures found off the beaten path. Find her poetry books at

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