november ttmmh

“We need not despise happiness simply because there is so much unhappiness. We should not arrogantly push away the kind hand of God because God’s hand is otherwise so hard.”

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Throwing a football around the church field

Maples holding the light

Planting bulbs

Long Wednesday night foyer conversations

Coffee and brownies across the table from Papa, washing dishes with Mema, darkness settling in behind the trees and over the pond

Twilight through the windows of the house on Sunset Hill

The old, old oak in the lower field

Andrew Peterson’s new book, The God of the Garden

All day hike with Joel

Whispering Pines Trail

Yellow leaf and pinecone pipe

Golden hour in the forest and dinner in the deepening darkness

Bone weariness (and seat warmers)

Bonfire with the young adult group that seems to grow every week; Johnny and Amanda’s hospitality

Papa Larry coming up to dinner for the first dark night

Playing piano for Crosspoint chapel

Leaf whirlwinds

Running further


Becca’s annual fall get-together — pals and chili and games and piano duets


Truss day at the house on the hill, cars parked in the grass, men on the roof, Huddy and Bennett watching the crane

Sheltering Barrett in my arms from the wind

Guys back from hunting, a deer in the truckbed

Van trunk full of food and Dad grilling hot dogs for everyone

Rolling around in the grass with Bennett

Running to go see baby cows

A pile of wood chips for my garden (and how the sad deadness of cutting down an old tree can become lifegiving mulch for the garden next srpring)

A crick in my back and windburned cheeks

Celebratory Chinese takeout


Home videos

Dancing, running around the yard after dark, burning energy

Night cloudgazing

The Most Reluctant Convert film on C.S. Lewis’ life story


“My flesh also will dwell in hope.”

Cross-stitching and coffee

The day before Thanksgiving: sixty and windy, leaves tumbling across the road, houses smelling like cinnamon and brownies, good music at dusk

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