september ttmmh

“There’s just one spot on this road where I always feel suddenly… ‘I’m home,’ said Anne. It’s the top of the next hill, where we’ll see the lights of Green Gables.”

~ Anne of Windy Poplars

Author Conservatory

A novel tucked into Mema’s wheelchair pocket

The Habit episode with Taylor Leonhardt

Running the highway to “Riding High”

Saturday morning mist and light

Jerry making me cry-laugh just before service started and dad asked the congregation to smile, and I was already there

Switchfoot + New Respects + NEEDTOBREATHE in (electric) concert

Jon Foreman and his “Where We Belong” flag

Guitars and big sound

“One day we’ll wash up on Mercy’s shore”

Night wind in the bleachers

Drive home with Joel, Trent, and Janaya, in and out of sleep

Noticing how Mom cares and keeps track of things for Dad, then Dad noticing and giving thanks for it

Papa making plans for chopping wood in winter

Hammocking with Barrett

Extra good news


Note in the mailbox from Kelly, blessing me, humbling me

Watching 25 in 24 with the whole family

Breeze through the screen while Janaya and I filed bills

Field trip to Papa’s pond with all five grandkids

Newly hatched tadpoles and frogs

Throwback worship team with all the siblings and Mike

Strapping kayaks to Joel’s car roof

Saturday on the river, paddling through the trees

Stillness, reflections

River shacks and old men in fishing boats making us think of Burley Coulter and Jayber Crow and Port William

“Worthy of Affection” swelling into “Is He Worthy?”

An older woman shuffling papers in the attic window of that little house on Highway 50

Midnight thunderstorm blowing in autumn

2 thoughts on “september ttmmh

  1. love this list!

    okay so cry-laughing is the best. i used to never ever, but the past couple weeks it’s been happening so much. and it’s so good!

    and kayakkkks. yes.


    Liked by 1 person

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