august ttmmh

“August has settled in like honey — sticky and sweet …Summer is fading into something more earnest.”

~ Kaetlyn Ann, “A Homesteader’s Diary”

Walking the pond banks, barefoot


Saturday morning lightning storm, oatmeal, and wind

Escape Room


Papa walking through the gate again

How God can use hula hoops and Zacchaeus skits to bring neighbors together; how he can also windstorms that twists the trees and send everyone running to the basement

Stomp rockets in the street

My accidental liturgy of cutting fresh marigolds for all the jars each Monday morning

A wedding so beautified by the gospel

Old friends and faces

Digging up carrots, mingled dirt and sweetness

New shirt with the labelled flowers on it

Taking Elsie, Huddy, and Bennett by the hands to visit Mrs. Brenda and give her bread

Elsie biting into an apple to make her tooth wiggle and fall out

Blueberries for Sal

Lavender coffee with Leanna and Natalie

Blanching tomatoes for salsa

Elsie carrying tomatoes back to the house in her prairie skirt

Reading bits of Bonhoeffer each day

End-of-summer chores and clean-outs and rehauls

When Elanor’s hair gets wet and curls

Papa Larry’s living room — books, glass bottles, plants, pictures of the family across generations, and touches of Nanny in the corners

Standing in the floodlight after dark, all of us, watching a spider weave her web

Slippin’ slide + dish soap + brothers

Long conversation with Elaina, white afternoon light, smoothie

2 thoughts on “august ttmmh

  1. ‘lavender coffee’ yes so good!! 💜

    also ‘august has settled in like honey — sticky and sweet’
    that’s such a beautiful way to put it. i feel that -both in the weather and the vibes – but don’t always see it in that positive a way. thanks for sharing 🍯🐝


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