may ttmmh

“Perhaps there is some sort of secret homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers.”

~ Juliet, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Running Allie’s property with her, down to the pond and across a field

Planning a trip to the seaside

English L’Abri Fellowship podcast

Volleyball tournament

Sunday night with a houseful of family — at the table, on the floor, out in the rain

Bennett under an umbrella

Anna’s face when she gets a sudden writing inspiration

Papa Larry and Dad talking long after dinner about his trips to Cape Cod with Nanny

How Papa brings another scrapbook with him to dinner each time, and a picture of Aunt Andi looking out over the sea

Guernsey — the letters, the Islanders, the wonderfully-crafted story

Garage empty of cars, kids scootering and biking, door to the kitchen open for breezes

Blue sky, white clouds (nothing cliché about it)

Picking out flowers with Leanna and Barrett

Elanor Ruth Melton, born Sunday morning, May 9, with wild, black hair and a perfect mouth

Home birth

Elsie: “My dreams have come true”

Hudson at Taylor’s elbow, Bennett drinking her milkshake

Elanor: light

Ruth: friend

Standing in the kitchen, newborn asleep in my arms, dinnertime sunlight filling the sink and curtains

Driveway picnic with Brian, Taylor, all four littles, and Murphy

The Blackbird Letters

Sowing zinnia seeds

Breakfast and a book

Sunday afternoon gardening, lemonade, reading

The way God prunes and plucks until I see the root of a sin for what it is

Rain on Tuesday

Lifting a turtle out of the road

First summery weekend: sun, family at the long picnic table, burgers, chalk, and wiffle ball under the sunset

Cutting iris and columbine for the kitchen table

Long Sunday conversation over coffee with Sheila and Brandon (psychology, biology, theology, apology)

Old Testament I survey (through FTC Institute)

Derek, eyes closed; Olivia, radiant on her wedding day; both singing “Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me”

A wedding and dance party to herald the one that’s coming

3 thoughts on “may ttmmh

  1. I love your list and I am so excited that you are going to Cape Cod! That year we went with your Nanny and Papa was one of my favorite vacations ever! Please send me a few photos when you get back. Have a wonderful trip!

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