april ttmmh

“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest awhile.”

– Mark 6:31 –

Floppy sunhat

Afternoon with Papa Larry at Shaw Nature Reserve

A thousand daffodils blooming down the hillsides and along the banks


Letter in a yellow envelope

Tidying up the garden, readying things

Wild onion

Sunrise Easter service on the church lawn in folding chairs

“He will never die again”

Coming away from my planner and inbox to “rest awhile”

Wyndham Mountain Vista, the redbud and crabapples and memories along the concrete creekbed

Cranberry kombucha in the sun

Hours to read

Storm creeping in over the lake, white caps and boats returning to the floodlights of the marina

Running the shoreline with wind roaring in my ears

Being blown off a rock

All nine of us huddled in the van, waiting it out

Chicken sandwich and sweet potato

Sand volleyball with Leanna and Drew

Sun on waves

Wet, browned feet

Mark 6 — where the disciples’ restlessness meets Shepherd Jesus’ supreme rest

Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs Myers and the kaleidoscope of personalities God has fashioned, even within my own family

Natural foods store: sourdough, flour, syrup, and lavender seeds

Coming home to spring in every corner

Checking my plants and harvesting a bowlfull of lettuce

Resale finds: thin sweater, corduroy pants, and embroidery hoops

Visiting grandparents

Rocking Barrett on the back porch, watching the spring sky

Marigold sprouts

Dad’s softness to the Spirit

Hebrews 12

E.R.S. showdown with Tori

April snow in the garden, on the maples

Pressed flowers

Coffee shop at dinnertime

Meeting together with sisters in Christ, sharing the stories he’s written and is writing

3 thoughts on “april ttmmh

  1. Sounds wonderful, especially your time away in Branson! I also loved thinking of you and Larry at the Nature Preserve. I remember the beautiful spring that we got to spend there with you. I hope we can go there with you again sometime this year!
    Aunt T❤️

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