march ttmmh

“We’ll make friends with the wind and sky and sun, and bring home the spring in our hearts.”

Anne of Avonlea

Teaching; watching the different ways my sisters are drawn to Jesus

Sunday afternoon sand volleyball; two-on-two team with Natalie

Breezes in the curtains

Looseleaf tea

Monday housework

Afternoon in the greenhouse, replanting

Muddy boots

The sweat and grit of writing

Climbing the old oak with Trent after dark to see the stars above and houselights beneath

Hiking socks in the mail from Tina and Mark

Afternoon tea and games and conversations at Mal’s kitchen table

The Wind in the Willows + book club playlist + evening alone

My submission accepted for the Transept Art Exhibition

Seeing, hugging, laughing with (at) Gia after months

Mary Oliver poems

Sunday morning grog, rain, coffee before church with Dad


Blundstones in the mail

Becca giving me bags of looseleaf tea because “It looked like you were running low”

Nanny’s daffodils

Morning drive on Missouri backroads, breakfast out

Little vacation with the “flammie”

Pool time, kids in floaties and jammies, Muppet Show in the hotel room

First-day-of-spring picnic in the park

Elsie making friends with any kid to cross her path

Walking downtown Hermann at sunset; antique shop

Papa Larry’s hearty generosity

Dropping Easter eggs in people’s yards with Jennifer and Cierstyn; long Sunday drive

First seeds in the garden

Denim over my dress

Meeting England-born, Oregon-abiding, Missouri-visiting Hannah Mead; book-talk and smiles

Stacking books on my arm at the bookstore

Walking Highway 50, then Edgewood with Dad and Mom, into a roaring sunset over Krinning’s field and pond

Standing at the fence until the horizon cooled, doused by rain

Wet hair

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