Introducing “Sunday Sketches”

I’ve called this place Bethany J’s Journal since it’s beginning, but I’ll admit it isn’t my journal— not my real, blue hardback with the exotic fish on the front and squatty cursive inside.

Here, I draft, tweak, redraft, edit, polish, and find pretty pictures to match each article. My real journal is messier, and while there should be a line drawn by love, where I present my writing to you carefully, there should also be a consistency between my private and public writing.

I tell you this because I’ve made a shift you’ve probably already felt. I’m not putting catchy headlines on top of listicle posts anymore. I’m veering away from conventional “blogging” into something slower, more personal, and (I pray) more lasting.

I’d like to journal here, writing about my world and God’s Word with simplicity, clarity, soundness, and hominess.

For Christmas a few years ago, I gathered up pages of my writing and spiral bound them into a little book called, Life Sketches. I gave it to my parents with a smidge of embarrassment.

“This is a book of words that never meant to see the light of day,” I wrote on the first page. It was a real, raw collection of events I’d thrown onto the page the moment they happened. Places we’d driven, people we’d run across, funny things Elsie said, dumb things I’d tried, sad things we’d suffered.

My family surprised me by loving it more than anything I’d written. And so between blog posts, I refreshed myself by writing about what was at hand— the things I knew and cared after.

I’d like to bridge the gap between my journal and this Journal by sharing some of those Life Sketches with you. Instead of a Sunday Snippet each week, I’m going to start sharing a Sunday Sketch. Already, I’ve been doing this (Seedtime, Weatherbeaten Love, Winters Past & Present), but now it’s in writing.

I pray the life and home God’s given me bring bones to life inside you, getting you achy for the Home you’re headed towards.

Thank you for reading, always.

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