january ttmmh

“Why not build into your life unhurried quiet, where, among other disciplines, you consider the radiance of who [Jesus] actually is, what animates him, what his deepest delight is? Why not give your soul room to be reenchanted with Christ time and again?”

– Dane Ortlund, “Gentle and Lowly”


Snow falling across the train tracks

Ice melting into a pretty puddle

Jesus’ love that frees me from sins I can’t erase

Kind cashier at Frick’s market

The Great Divorce by Lewis

An hour inside Half Price Books

Jaquelle’s smile

1 A.M. text: “It’s a boy!”

Barrett John, born January 10, black-haired

Teaching from Jude

Sing chat friends and our conversations about revolution, war, guacamole recipes, Winnie the Pooh, and the homesickness we each feel (though in different ways).

The Blind Mule Blog (I’m really taken with Sarah’s writing)

Emails from Clara, trading proud auntie pictures

Papa Larry and his friends spreading out lunch in the cul-de-sac

Bib overalls and bulb holes

Bluejay on the picket fence

This podcast episode that humbled and helped me: A Stamina for Being Overlooked

Meeting Barrett and holding him against myself

Newborn yawns, sneezes, and forehead wrinkles

Snow at the van window, clinging to the woods

Making music with my family for Fellowship Church’s youth weekend

New faces, new friends

Young people who want Jesus to have their everything

Peter Mead’s teaching and storytelling

Tea, sunrise biscuit, letters, and cold

Saturday evening writing by the fire

Deep sleep and rain

Mr. Bill tramping through the snow to give us a bag full of fresh-baked cookies: “I heard there was a cookie famine down at your house”

Rising and falling instrumental music

Natalie dropping by with cards

Dad’s preaching

Snowball fight with Trent and Janaya

Wolf moon, fat and yellow, rising over the snowy field and frozen pond off Highway A

Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund and the way it’s softening and bending me toward Jesus’ heart for me

4 thoughts on “january ttmmh

  1. Mmm, this all sounds so lovely. Your ttmmh posts are always so refreshing, and reminds me to pay attention to the per say little things in life. ❤

    Ttmmh in January: "The Chronicles of Narnia" (the books + all three movies by Disney), purchasing all 4 "Little Women" books at Half Price Books, studying Biblical doctrines with my family, memorizing Scripture, working on a tedious yet special project with some friends, and working on my National History Day project (I've loved not only doing the project, but also the relationship that's been built with my Honors World History teacher). This month was wonderful, and I cannot wait to see what is to come in February.

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