august ttmmh

“One morning long ago in the quiet of the world, when there was less noise and more green…” – The Hobbit

“Magic in the Moment” by The Gray Havens

My writing mentee’s smile

Cloud piles

Wind in the garden

A pear off the tree

People who write notes, leave comments, say things that uplift

Pink sky at dawn, mist beneath

Watching my church light up in worship

The BibleProject Podcast

Swimming with Huddy on his third birthday

Nanny’s Camp Day tradition (hot dogs, kids, chalk, hula hoops, hose water, wet grass, Cheetos, swings, and out-of-hand-sponge-throwing)


The red caboose on the riverfront

Elsie waiting to see a train, fingers in her ears

Sunset colors in the water

Papa Larry’s poetry

Writing with Hobbits class

Joel’s new Subaru

Car windows down after dark

John Mark McMillan’s voice

Shaw Nature Reserve

That line where the prairie meets the sky

Reading The Hobbit under pines

“You’re going to be an aunt again!”

Making salsa from homegrown tomatoes; rain outside the kitchen window

Lowes and coffee run with Dad

The way James 4 keeps reverberating truth into my heart and life

“There is no price God will not pay for all of us. We should have learned that at the cross.” – Sinclair Ferguson

. . .

Why not make a list of things that made you happy in August and comment below?

10 thoughts on “august ttmmh

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful August, Bethany! I enjoy reading these posts so much. It makes me want to reflect at the end of the month more and more.

    Things that made me happy in August:

    My 15th birthday
    Reading more books
    Continuing to read through the whole Bible with a friend
    Starting my Sophomore year of High School
    Aesthetic note-taking
    Encouragement from my Mom
    Podcasting more with my Sister
    Theology discussions with my Dad
    Encouraging texts from my friends during a trial I’m in

    There is so much to be thankful for, as we do not deserve many of the things that we have. Yet, God gives them to us anyway, which is why we should never take anything for granted. ❤

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  2. Sounds like you had a fun summer. Guess I’ll do one as well. Found out it’s hard to think of blessing at times. Guess that why Christ wanted us to thank Thank the Father in our prayers to keep us reminding we’re the blessing come from.

    Humidity making me long for fall.

    Having a mother who is willing to help me learn finances.

    Talking to younger siblings about who is stronger hulk or iron man.

    Sharing truth of God to coworkers.

    Learning how to whiteness from apologia studios.

    Understand the doctrine of grace from Steve Lawson.

    Working on making a Christian podcast for younger Christians.

    Understanding The cross from. John. R. W. Scott. (Cross of Christ.)

    Getting a job promotion.

    Working on making base boards.

    And always looking forward to fajita Friday’s.

    James 1:16-18.

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  3. i love these lists 🙂

    here’s a few of mine:

    hammocking in the woods
    yellow goldfinches
    reading good books (*the imperfect disciple* was a highlight)
    sitting on the big bed and watching avatar: the last airbender with my roommates
    eating chick-fil-a in the walmart parking lot with friends
    the little maple seed pod things
    a sprinkling of cooler days that foreshadow the nearing autumn
    moments of sehnsucht
    stunning sunsets over the lake

    God is so good

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