My Very Favorite Writing Resources


August 16

The start of a schoolyear has always been my favorite time to readjust old writing habits and invest in something that will sharpen me.

I’ve taken classes, joined communities, read books, and attended seminars.

But there are two writing resources I come back to again and again. These classes and communities have sharpened and shaped me most.

The Habit

No matter where you’re at in your writing journey, you’ll find good company in The Habit Membership.

I’m looking forward to starting a Habit class this Tuesday called Writing with Hobbits. Jonathan Rogers will be using Tolkien’s The Hobbit to help writers hone their skills in worldbuilding, tone, imagery, setting, and more.

The class includes live lectures, writing exercises, and cohorts (one for adults and one for middle- and high-schoolers). The cost is $69 for non-members.

I know from experience that JR is a mighty good teacher.

You can find out more and register here.

And be sure to check out these free resources:

The Habit Podcast

The Habit Monthly Webinars

The Young Writer’s Workshop

You probably know that I’ve been changed and inspired by Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe Ferris– founders of The Young Writer’s Workshop. I’ve been a member since it’s birth and now work as Jaquelle’s assistant, managing YWW content.

Things are happening in this corner of the Internet. Big things. Small things. Beautiful, God-glorifying things.

Young writers are growing.

And this week, registration is open! This only happens a few times in the year, and I can’t think of a better time to take a step forward in your writing.

Find out more right here. 

Have questions about any of this? Comment below or email me at, and let’s talk about writing. ❤

6 thoughts on “My Very Favorite Writing Resources

  1. Thank you for sharing these resources, Bethany! Right now, I am the point where I want to improve my writing. I have been blogging for a little over a year now, and I am just now getting into story writing (well, more so finally getting into completing them). YWW is something that my parents and I have been considering a lot, and I plan to join next summer! I have heard many testimonials from students about the program, so I am looking forward to joining!

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    1. my pleasure. i love hearing that and am excited to see you in the yww in the future!

      i think andrew peterson says in “adorning the dark” that you aren’t a writer until you finish something. so well done!!

      keep being faithful and using your mind and skills to worship Jesus.

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  2. The Habit sounds wonderful! I’ll definitely have to check it out.
    I just joined YWW! And I am SO excited to get involved in the community and take some next steps in my writing. 😃

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