The Light at Dawn


June 21

I passed your home

early at dawn,

And saw the front room

light was on.


By that light in a chair

you nested,

A favored Bible on

your lap rested.


Hands folded, worship sincere.

Jesus invited, Jesus is there.


And I thought What a blessing

for a Dad to seek God and pray,

Whether early by light,

or late in the day.


For he may not know in a day

or a year

How a Dad’s faithfulness affects

his family so dear.


He’ll know someday, for surely

the fruit will come:

His children will seek God

by their lights at dawn.


– Karen “Nanny” Melton



4 thoughts on “The Light at Dawn

  1. Bethany, What a wonderful thing to share! I walked by your house with your Nanny many times during my visit. I can just see her passing by and then going home to write this poem! This must have meant so much to your Dad to find it again. I, too, miss her so much!
    Thanks for making my day!
    Love, Aunt T

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