March Smiles


What a cataclysmal month. It’s noisy and heavy out there, isn’t it? Is there anything worth smiling about?

For the Christian, yes. Here are two praiseworthy truths I wrote about last week.

Today, let’s talk about the little things— those resources and activities that have kept me busy (and sane) this month:

Ray and Jani Ortlund

At March’s start (before we all “social distanced”) our church held a Marriage Renewal Weekend with Ray and Jani Ortlund. Even as a young single, I scribbled pages of notes from these wise, wise Christians. I especially enjoyed Ray’s profound overview of Ecclesiastes.

The Rabbit Room                         

One of my very favorite websites— The Rabbit Room— has graciously compiled a digital care package for quarantined, creative Christians. The list of free (fantastic) resources includes:

The Local Show: Streaming Edition

Fin’s Revolution podcast

Hutchmoot Conference recordings

– Live read-alouds with authors like Andrew Peterson and Jennifer Trafton

The RR has also produced some profound and powerful articles this month.


With more time at home, at my desk, I’ve been scratching handwritten letters and mailing them to friends. Letter-writing reminds me of the beauty of slowness and intentionality. It takes time, then patience. But it always reaps a smile.


The sun’s been rare and the rain heavy lately. But now and then, I’ve gotten to bury my fingers in soil and dribble seeds into little garden holes. What a joy.

Smack-dab in the midst of a global pandemic, God is rewriting a story called spring.

More on that this Thursday.


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