I’m Getting to Know C. S. Lewis

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February 9

There’s a lot I thought I knew about C. S. Lewis.

His is a legendary name associated with children and a wardrobe and Aslan and philosophy and essays and Christianity.

But there are too many of Lewis’s works I haven’t read. So I’m challenging myself this winter to get to know this remarkable man, both through his writings and writings about him.

I’m a slow reader, so this will likely seep into spring, but here’s my plan of action (for starters):

  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Weight of Glory (and other essays)
  • Surprised by Joy
  • Mere Christianity
  • Reflections on the Psalms
  • The Great Divorce
  • The World According to Narnia by Jonathan Rogers

What are your Lewis favorites? Do you want to join my challenge?

Comment below and let’s get to know Lewis— and through him, our God— better this winter.

One thought on “I’m Getting to Know C. S. Lewis

  1. Hey Bethany,

    My personal favorites are, of course LWW, The Pilgrim’s Regress (an allegorical tale of how he came to faith, tracing different areas of thought), and his science fiction trilogy. I have always wanted to read Till We Have Faces.

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