How to be Awed by a Magical World

SAS2 copy

January 19

If you don’t think the world is magical

or that God doesn’t spin whimsy things,

try buttoning your coat

and traipsing out into heel-deep snow

when somewhere behind stacks of clouds

the sun is almost gone.


Make sure the sky is spilling flakes.

Forget gloves,

forget a cap.

If you stomp around enough the blood inside you

will run its course and heat your bones

till you forget the air’s bite.


Try to hold your hot breath.

Listen to the silence of the storm.

Clouds are bellowing beauty and all you hear

is your heart under your coat.


Let the flakes seep into your hair

and be sure to lick up the ones on your chin.

While you’re at it, scoop up a handful

in your bare hand until it stings.

Watch them melt into you, then drip down your wrist

and back to the earth.


Suck in long and deep

so your lungs go frosty.

See how the gumballs hang in dusted clumps off the oak

and how the streetlamp’s glow

silhouettes them.


Don’t let Narnia get lost on you.

Breathe it up and call it what it is:





“This is lovely,” said Lucy to herself. It was cool and fresh; delicious smells were floating everywhere. Somewhere close by she heard the twitter of a nightingale beginning to sing, then stopping, then beginning again. It was a little lighter ahead. She went toward the light and came to a place where there were fewer trees, and whole patches of moonlight, but the moonlight and the shadows so mixed that you could hardly be sure where anything was or what it was. At the same moment the nightingale, satisfied at last with his tuning up, burst into full song.”

C. S. Lewis – Prince Caspian


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