The “Why” Behind Our Resolutions

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January 5

I’m going to be honest.

New Year’s resolutions are often a way I scramble for control— over my health, my schedule, my dreams, my relationships, my life. At the root can be a self-consumed motive to be better, do better, look better.

God is unmasking that sin inside me and piloting me on a better goal-path this New Year. It starts with asking the question, “Why?”

Why do you want to build your writing platform, Bethany?

Why do you want to eat healthier?

Why do you want to pursue that relationship, stop that habit, work toward that goal?

These questions force me to rummage around in my heart and discover what’s really driving me. If a motive to magnify God isn’t at the wheel— I’ll nose-dive.

But there’s still time. It’s only January 5th.

Before you and I take one more step into this year, let’s poke and prod our hearts. Let’s find out why we want what we want in 2020.

Then let’s pray for a soul that aches to “magnify the LORD” and “exalt his name together” in every goal we chase down (Ps. 34:3).

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