How to be Awed by a Magical World

January 19 If you don’t think the world is magical or that God doesn’t spin whimsy things, try buttoning your coat and traipsing out into heel-deep snow when somewhere behind stacks of clouds the sun is almost gone.   Make sure the sky is spilling flakes. Forget gloves, forget a cap. If you stomp around … Continue reading How to be Awed by a Magical World

“Teach Me, Teach Me, Teach Me”

January 12 Christopher Ash is a wise man and his commentary on Psalm 119 is opening my eyes to behold wondrous things out of God’s law. He writes: “We need to come to scripture on our knees, praying, ‘Lord, teach me, teach me, teach me.’”[i] Ash has introduced me to a weak yet Word-hungry psalmist: … Continue reading “Teach Me, Teach Me, Teach Me”

The “Why” Behind Our Resolutions

January 5 I’m going to be honest. New Year’s resolutions are often a way I scramble for control— over my health, my schedule, my dreams, my relationships, my life. At the root can be a self-consumed motive to be better, do better, look better. God is unmasking that sin inside me and piloting me on … Continue reading The “Why” Behind Our Resolutions

Look Back Before You Look Ahead: 6 Lessons from 2019

Something stopped me from full-throttle resolution-writing this week. I realized the last 365 days have been some of the most pivotal in my life. I don’t want to leap into a new year—much less the next ten—without stopping, looking over my shoulder, and saying, “God, you’ve done lovely, mighty things.” Before we speed into January … Continue reading Look Back Before You Look Ahead: 6 Lessons from 2019