In the Morning, When I Rise

They say the songs of your childhood never really let you go— that music has a seizing, shaping power. It must be true because my Southern Baptist pastor dad still thumps the steering wheel to Journey and James Taylor. Now I’m crossing that threshold between childhood and life beyond. I’m eighteen and watching just how … Continue reading In the Morning, When I Rise

Why God Does What He Does

November 10 “Why, God?” I know I’m not the only Christian who has clenched my fists and asked that question. I’m guessing the Israelites asked it too. And do you know what? God’s answer is as clear as today’s autumn sky. I’m reading across the psalms and prophets right now and noticing this repeated truth: … Continue reading Why God Does What He Does

See the World–And Its Creator–Right Where You Are

A friend and I were talking the other day about Colorado. The conversation made me giddy because mountains might be my happiest place. I love hikes on trails that wind up toward far-flung views, so our trip to Westcliffe last summer was the stuff of dreams. I remember waking at six one morning, pouring coffee … Continue reading See the World–And Its Creator–Right Where You Are

Pray for Renewal, Then Revival

November 3 My friends and I know we need Jesus. We're broken people, seeking renewal in him. That’s why I love Wednesday night prayer meeting. It’s real, raw, sometimes painful. We share where God has us, why it hurts, and how deeply we need Jesus to refresh our hearts. Last Wednesday, my friends and I … Continue reading Pray for Renewal, Then Revival