October Smiles


October 27

It’s been a busy, colorful, autumn month. Here are a few things I especially enjoyed in October:

Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

I mentioned this book in last week’s Snippet and finished a few days ago. I’m certain it will be one I pick back up again soon. Adorning the Dark is part-memoir, part-writer’s handbook and Andrew’s transparency as a Christian artist has impacted me hard.

Why not go order a copy for yourself? Here’s a link.


My plan to complete a day hike this month was postponed by a touch of sickness. But we were still able to savor October’s wonderful weather on a trail close to home. Hiking always makes me smile.

My writing mentorship program

The Young Writer’s Workshop Author program is stretching me. Brett Harris and Kara Swanson head this section of the YWW and I’m incredibly grateful for their support, leadership, and this month, their criticism. They’ve encouraged me to make changes in my writing by minimizing my blog schedule and to rethink how I approach the article-writing process. You can read a post about it here.

Playing music

I’ve had three opportunities in the last month to play music with my siblings at different events. I so enjoy these times of worshipping and jamming together and it’s cool to watch God use our songs to make his name known in our community.

Wendell Berry’s poems

Wendell’s words make me think deeply, then smile. I especially love his Sabbath poems.


What made you smile in October? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “October Smiles

  1. october held so much beauty:

    hiking in the mountains of north carolina
    quiet rest
    deep and rich fall-flavored coffee
    watercolor painting
    *every moment holy*
    good conversations with wise and kind friends
    traveling through so many wondrously colored forests
    a laughter-filled picnic supper and hotel-lobby catan games

    God is so good.


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