A Serious Question


October 6

My friend asked a question last week that got me thinking:

“Bethany, if you weren’t a Christian, where do you think you’d be today?”

The more thought I gave it, the more sobering the question became. I started sensing just how much my faith infiltrates and informs me. I tried wrapping my mind around a life without church or deep friendships or ministry or Bible study or prayer. A life without Jesus.

And it was a scary thought. Because I hadn’t realized the extent of Jesus’s capsizing salvation.

Paul is an example. Before Jesus, his checklist of accomplishments was long:

Circumcised? Check.

Israelite? Check.

Benjaminite? Check.

Zealous persecutor? Check.

Blameless law-abider? Check.

Jesus wrecked all that. On the road to Damascus, he radically transferred Paul to a life that would never look the same.

I don’t like to think about what I’d be doing this Sunday afternoon if Jesus hadn’t saved me. But when I do let it sink in, it reaps thanksgiving.

What about you? Where would you be today if Jesus hadn’t changed you?

And how can you give thanks that he did?



One thought on “A Serious Question

  1. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d even be here if it weren’t for Christ. Praise the Lord for His mercy!


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