3 Articles to Read This Week


September 15

I’ve been reading lots of online articles lately from a few of my favorite websites. Today, I’ll share three. I hope you can find time this week to read and be uplifted by them.

 Fill Your Heavy Heart with Heaven: Counsel for the Downcast by Michael S. Lundy

“Sometimes filling our mouths with the right words will keep the wrong thoughts from entering our heads.”

Worship in a Selfie World by Stephen Miller

“When the content of our songs and prayers are saturated with me-centered themes and thoughts, we are buying into the lie that worship is about us. To be sure, our faces are in the frame, but they are a spec of sand on the beach of a vast ocean of beauty and holiness.”

Recovering a Good Father by Helena Sorenson

We couldn’t come as children, couldn’t trust like children, without a Good Father. So Jesus came to give him back to us.”

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