August Smiles


August 25

August is rolling to a close and it’s been a full month. Here are a few things I enjoyed:

The Sing! Conference

After my third year at Sing! in Nashville, Tennessee, I was again blown away by the glory of worthiness of Jesus Christ. Here’s a list of my favorite conference moments and takeaways:

• Singing (for obvious reasons)
• Studying John 1, the Word becoming flesh
• Meeting online friends in person
• Shopping for books
• Unpacking Christ’s crucifixion and pondering the power of the cross
• Meeting one of my favorite writers, Andrew Peterson
• A fantastic panel on Christ and creativity and making beautiful things to mirror God
• Coffee + friends + breakout sessions
• Myriads of worshippers harmonizing in Bridgestone Arena
• The real, live Fernando Ortega
• John Piper captivating me with Jesus
• Joni Earekson Tada’s smile and songs
• Experiencing Sing! with my amazing church family this year
• Better grasping the beauty of the gospel and worthiness of God and imminence of eternity

Scott Mulvahill

My brothers introduced me to this bassist and song artist. I’ve been enjoying Scott’s music on Spotify, but it didn’t compare to seeing him live last night in St. Louis!

The Bible

These last few weeks, God has been molding and chiseling on my heart. He’s used hard things—like sickness and anxiety and uncertainty—to do it. Maybe more than ever, I’m grasping the weight of his Word as unwavering truth. And I’m learning to bask in the gospel’s beauty even when my circumstances totter.

What made you smile in August?

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