3 Real Life Rebelutionaries (And What They’ve Taught Me)

This article was first published on TheRebelution.com, where you can read it in its entirety. I was born into a culture that coddles teenagers, so I forget many of the people God used for his purposes were my age. Daniel was a youth when Nebuchadnezzar captured him. His three friends–Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego–were likely teenagers … Continue reading 3 Real Life Rebelutionaries (And What They’ve Taught Me)

4 Reasons Why Young People (Like You) Should Write

I’m a writer. I type words and erase more. I scribble down thoughts, then scratch them out. I spend my free time with verbs and commas and clauses. I long to create sentences that stir people’s souls and, ultimately, redirect their gaze. I write so people worship Christ. Not everyone shares my passion for words, … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Young People (Like You) Should Write

The Young Writer’s Workshop

August 11 On an unusually warm day in January 2017, my passion for writing was seriously kindled. I sat watching one video after another of young writers sharing their testimonies. These weren't hobby writers. These were teenagers holding published books in their hands. I was awed. Since 2017, I’ve been a member of The Young … Continue reading The Young Writer’s Workshop

Hope for the Gentile (Like Me)

August 4 I tend to take my salvation for granted. And when I do stop to thank Jesus for his profound love and sacrifice, I still underestimate the gospel. How? By forgetting I’m a Gentile. I shouldn’t belong in Jesus’s family. I shouldn’t have access into this incredible mystery of divine grace. But I do. … Continue reading Hope for the Gentile (Like Me)

Every Moment Can Glorify God

Every moment is holy. The sick days and lunch breaks and window washings of our lives aren’t scum on the pond of our sanctification. They’re the droplets that fill it. They’re the small, shimmering acts poured into the basin of day-to-day, Christlike sacrifice. They’re acts that matter to God because they can reflect his glory. … Continue reading Every Moment Can Glorify God