July Smiles

July Smiles2.jpg

July 28 

Here’s what made me happy this summer month:

My sister’s wedding

July 13th was a beautiful day for our family. Leanna wore a smile all day and Drew, my new brother-in-law, beamed too. Drew and Leanna’s wedding was sweet and worshipful. My favorite parts were playing piano to In Christ Alone and sharing lunch with family and friends.

The Wingfeather Saga

The Warden and the Wolf King has been a summer read I won’t forget. With it, I wrapped up the spectacular, heartwarming, brilliant Wingfeather Saga. If you’ve never read it, please do. Seriously. Here’s a link.


My garden wildflower box is bursting with color! I’ve been placing fresh-cut flowers on my writing desk and watching them open wide to the morning sun.


I’ve never visited the Isle of Sky or Scotland at all, but this month, I gave myself a taste. In Freedom’s Cause is a radio drama about William Wallace I so enjoyed, featuring voices like Skandar Keynes and Billy Boyd. I’ve also been relishing time outside listening to my Scotland playlist on Spotify.

The Library

You’ve heard me say it before: Summer is a spectacular time to read. I’ve been taking advantage of my local libraries this month and have enjoyed books on writing, editing, hiking, and a novel called Gilead.

What’s on your list of July favorites? I’d love to hear!




3 thoughts on “July Smiles

  1. Hello, Bethany! I’m Amelie, and I blog at Swordmaiden of the King. I recently discovered your blog, and I love it so much. You are such an encouragement with your faith and writing. 🙂
    Congratulations on your sister’s wedding!!
    The Wingfeather Saga is AMAZING. It’s one of my all-time favorite series (second only to The Lord of the Rings 🙂 ). It’s so hard for me to decide which book or which character is my favorite because I love them all (well, except for the evil ones 😉 ).
    Wildflowers are so beautiful. I love to photograph them and just praise God for the beauty of his creation.
    I love the G.A. Henty audio dramas! I started In Freedom’s Cause, but I never finished it. Not for lack of wanting to, I just got busy. I really need to finish that! My favorite so far is the Cat of Bubastes. I love both The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings books and movies, so I was so excited to see that Skandar Keynes and Billy Boyd had roles in In Freedom’s Cause. 🙂
    The library is awesome. 🙂


  2. I love Gilead! I’m actually reading it at the moment, for the second time 🙂

    Usually I prefer cold weather to warm, but this post is making me so jealous as I shiver through our Australian winter. Looking forward to the sun coming out again!

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